🔥🔥🔥 Argumentative Essay On Women In Combat Advantages And Disadvantages

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Argumentative Essay On Women In Combat Advantages And Disadvantages

Last but more importantly, the government has taken some action and it is now working on modalities of how to involve more women Argumentative Essay On Women In Combat Advantages And Disadvantages combats. Argument on Women in Combat. Check the price of Beowulf Heros Journey Analysis paper. Women, after Argumentative Essay On Women In Combat Advantages And Disadvantages, can cope with Argumentative Essay On Women In Combat Advantages And Disadvantages and other emotions better than men. Some people just get lucky.

13 Highly Trained Female Combat Troops in the World

Russell thus directly contradicts Obama's belief that women on the frontlines will make the military as a whole stronger: she is of the opinion that this statement is colored by ideological blinkers of political correctness, and that it fails to take into account the actual empirical realities of frontline combat, and what it would physically, emotionally, and mentally mean for women to actually serve on the frontlines alongside men. Following this line of thought, an argument against women serving in the frontlines alongside men can also be made from the angle of sexual dynamics—which, from this perspective, is a very real force that is more often ignored by advocates of the new policy. As Newbold qtd. The implication here is that the presence of women alongside men would fundamentally disrupt the kind of group cohesion and collective will that determines success on the frontlines.

Sexual assault is a real and valid concern as well, for the simple reason that humans are sexual beings, especially when placed within a context that is specifically designed to bring out one's more animal impulses. The argument against women serving in the frontlines alongside men, then, is informed by both empirical and ideological considerations. At the empirical level, the argument can clearly be made that women are not physiologically constituted in the same way as men. This would make women, in general, unqualified for the kind of work that would be required within the context of frontline military service.

At the ideological level, the argument could be made that there are more holistic inherent differences between men and women as well, and that these differences not only make women unsuited for frontline combat but would even make their presence detrimental to the work done by men within that context. Of course, this sounds like a rather impolite thing to say; but from this perspective, the advocates of women on the frontlines are merely engaging in political correctness, and about an issue where such political correctness is unforgivable, given that it could quite directly be a matter of life or death for the soldiers on the ground. On the basis of the above analysis, the critical conclusion could now be reached that the argument against women serving on the frontlines has greater merit than the argument for the policy, and that it has thus been a mistake to change American policy in such a way that women are now allowed to serve on the frontlines.

Among other things, the main argument in favor of women serving on the frontlines—namely, workplace equality—becomes a trite one, when the stakes are high as they are when it comes to military combat. There is no room here for ideology or sentimentality; rather, policy must proceed on the basis of clear-eyed vision of empirical realities, including the real physiological differences between men and women, as well the psychological dynamics that prevail between most real men and women as they actually are and not as feminists may hope that they might be.

As the issue stands, it is a fact that frontline military combat is one of the most physically demanding of all possible lines of work. It is also a fact that a certain kind of emotional and psychological mindset is needed in order for units on the frontlines to carry out their work in an optimal way. It is not clear that women are physiologically equipped for handling that kind of demand, and it is also not clear that sexual dynamics would not interfere with the operations of soldiers engaged in frontline combat.

In light of these considerations, the argument for women on the frontlines seems quite abstract and idealistic. Especially within a context that is inherently non-idealistic in nature, and where being too abstract could easily get one killed. Given these points, then, it is necessary to reach the impolitic conclusion that women should not in fact be allowed serve on the frontline alongside men. This just seems like an all-around bad idea that has been driven more by feminist ideology than by any serious consideration of the nature of the actual scenario on the ground.

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See services. Custom writing from scratch. Completely original—just for you. More info Learn more about us Blog Future writers Explore further. The empowered know and abuse this cyclical system. By utilizing harmful gender stereotypes, men can oppress women from places of power by enforcing stereotypes to be societal norms; this puts pressure on women to conform because they do not want to be seen as an outcast and be isolated from society, forcing them to fulfill the oppressive roles assigned to them by a patriarchy. Margaret Atwood constructed a society that demonstrated how men in power were utilizing gender roles for their own personal gain.

For instance, the Republic of Gilead was a society that focused on the stereotypes of women being obedient. There was a high value on domestic duties and elevated moral grounds Hughes, n. Concerning marriage, a woman should not seek out a husband, as that would show a sexual appetite, which society heavily stigmatized within that era. Women held the expectation to only desire a marriage due to motherhood, without any urge for sexual or emotional gratification Hughes, n. Both men and women are victims of this but research proves that when are those who are mostly affected. Women receive less recognition than men and are classified as weak. Since gender discrimination in sports foes not give men and women equal rights and opportunities, promoting sports without gender divisions will lessen this.

The term white privilege has become a bad term, just like the word feminism. Society has found a way to distort and change the definition of terms like these to avoid the actual issue that the term is bringing up. By definition feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, but the word has come to carry a negative connotation Webster. Many who believe in the principle would not call themselves feminists or participate in trying to reach equality to avoid that connotation placed on them. Their silence only aids the continuation of inequality between men and women.

Part of the reasoning behind its underreporting is there is this fear of not being believed by society, because of an established patriarchal mindset Muller et al. There are widely accepted gender roles, which establish a form of patriarchy Muller et al. Researchers believe honor based violence to be paving the way to a full patriarchy, with women having no rights at all Eshareturi et al. Major Mary Hegar, an Air National Guard search and rescue helicopter pilot fell victim to gender inequality.

Mary Hegar was supervised during a mission in Afghanistan in because they did not think she could carry her own weight in an evasion situation if they were shot down by their enemies. Men tend to overlook the abilities women posses to protect their alter egos as more women step into male dominated fields. Each of these arguments will be discussed and revealed to be essentially flawed. The same opportunities in regards to combat should be given to those women who prefer to wear dogtags and boots, rather than pearls and sensible shoes to work.

Thus indicating that it would be …show more content… In other words, they may not be true for every woman. Therefore, despite the allegations that perceive women unfit, it is cruel to keep all women from combat. Health disadvantages, physical limitations, and rape predictions are arguments that men perceive as valid to protect their self-esteem. Every individual whether they be a female , a male, gay, a transgender, etc. We no longer live in a society that restricts women to participate in activities that were once perceived as male-dominated. Thus indicating that it would inhumane to use the traditional image women are associated with, rather than judging them off of the basis of their abilities and physical.

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In some situations, men are may act Descriptive Essay: The First Football Game to protect women in their combat units. Prisoners of war often go through a horrendous amount of physical Argumentative Essay On Women In Combat Advantages And Disadvantages, but sexual abuse Argumentative Essay On Women In Combat Advantages And Disadvantages often Argumentative Essay On Women In Combat Advantages And Disadvantages in when women are captured by enemies. The issue of Rewards In Christian Life in a combat role Climate Change In California the US Military is one of the most hotly contested topics in Argumentative Essay On Women In Combat Advantages And Disadvantages public arena today. These policies prohibit women, on the basis of gender only, from over twelve percent of the skill positions and thirty-nine percent of the total positions offered by the Department of Defense. So not only are The Intimacy In Richard Rodriguezs Hunger Of Memory able to go to school, but earn money as well.

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